JHR Photography offers a wide range of headshot styles tailored to meet your individual and branding needs.

Whether you are a professional aiming to elevate your personal brand, an actor, real estate agent, lawyer, or doctor, we have the perfect headshot for you! It’s essential that your headshot showcases the best version of yourself while remaining true to your real-life appearance.

Explore the various types of headshots we offer below. Click on each to discover more about the process, get valuable tips, and read our Q&A.


Business Headshots

Looking to advance your career goals? Then you need a business headshot that makes a lasting impression.  This can be for a personal brand, corporate website, promotional materials, or making new connections. Our business headshots will showcase your personality, charisma, professionalism, and confidence. This is the perfect update for your LinkedIn profile photo.


Corporate headshots

Professional business portraits of your team  and employees is critical to representing your brand well. Corporate headshots are a must have for all successful companies. You want to show off your employees on your website, social media, marketing materials, and other business communication. A cohesive and consistent look for your corporate headshots reinforces your brand authority.


Actor Headshots

Want to get noticed more in the performance and entertainment field? Then a professional actor headshot is the first step to getting that call back. You want to make a lasting impression with your look and talent. This is what casting directors, talent agents, and scouts are looking for. We will help you craft the perfect image for your next audition or lead role.


Real Estate Headshot

As a real estate agent, your headshot is likely the first impression potential clients have of you. It’s essential that it reflects your professionalism and attention to detail. We create high-quality headshots through expert posing and facial expression coaching. This guarantees you stand out from the crowd. Choose JHR Photography to make a lasting, positive impression.



We’ve heard it before, patients will often select their physician based on first impression. Communicating your friendliness, knowledge, and competence in a headshot is crucial. Allow JHR Photography to coach you to the perfect headshot for you. Whether it is for your website, business card, or marketing materials, we will make sure your professional image connects with your clients.


Lawyer HEadshots

Your reputation and professionalism are paramount. A carefully designed headshot conveys confidence, competence, and meticulous attention to detail. Distinguish yourself in a competitive market.  We collaborate with you to craft a professional image that truly represents your personality and style. Don’t settle for an average headshot that undermines your image.

How often do you update your headshot?

I’ve heard more than a few clients express why they love their old headshots and they want their new one to be ‘just like this’: “I looked younger,” “I had more hair,” or “I was a few pounds lighter.” Photo albums are for photos of what you looked like in the past, but you need a headshot for today.

The type of professional headshot you have today is supposed to represent the best version of who you are now. You don’t want a potential client or employer to think, “Wow, you look so different from your headshot.” That type of response registers a negative first impression, the exact opposite of what you want your headshot to do.  So here are our recommendations for how often you should consider getting a new professional headshot:

Business Professionals

Update your headshot every 12-18 months. Your appearance changes subtly over time, and a new headshot every year or so ensures your image remains current and accurate.


Refresh your headshot every 3 months or whenever you change your look (hair color, hairstyle, weight changes). Actors also need a variety of headshots to show casting directors different expressions that might fit specific roles.


Still have questions on which type of headshot is right for you?

As you can see, there are many types of headshots. So if you are still unsure which style of commercial headshots above meets your needs, or you simply have a specific look and style you want. We are here to help, all you need to do is click the button below. Our mission is to create One-of-a-Kind headshots for One-of-a-Kind People like you!  We look forward to hearing from you.