10 Ways to Use a Headshot

Jan 5, 2019

How do you get your headshot working for you?

You’ve heard it before it only takes a split second to make a first impression. So let’s assume you just got a brand new professional headshot. This photo is perfect!  It shows off your competence and confidence, you look approachable and friendly, this photo is YOU!

So now what? How do we get your headshot working for you?

1. LinkedIn

First, start with your online profiles.  Ensure your professional accounts show your best self. LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers, you can use it to recruit high-quality employees, to network within your industry, or to provide quality content to your target audience. For this reason, your headshot is the cornerstone for you and your brand.

2. Resume

Once you make a connection with a potential employer or you are recruited for a new position, try and keep the momentum going.  Be sure to include your professional headshot on your CV or Resume. This is a great way stand out from the crowd.

3. Biography

Now that your career is moving up, you may be asked to speak or present at an event. Certainly, the event organizer will want to promote their presenters on their web page, social media, and promotional material. Use your professional portrait to communicate the confidence that secured you the presenter role.

4. Marketing

Try using your personal portrait in your marketing efforts. By doing this you are accomplishing two important goals. First, you giving potential clients a face to go with the name, familiarity helps build an instant connection. Second, a well-done headshot will convey the professionalism and expertise that your organization is providing the client.

5. Email

One way to strengthen that personal connection is to include your photo as part of your email signature. For letters of introduction, inquiring about services, or soliciting an offer, this is especially effective. The anonymity of the internet makes it easy to say no to a faceless request. It’s much harder to say no to a person, adding that personal touch could make the difference.

6. Advertisements

Who hasn’t driven by a giant billboard with the Cheshire grin of some lawyer’s terrible photo? Don’t be that guy or gal! If you are in the professional services industry, your image is your brand. A professional headshot will speak volumes about your professionalism and services.

7. Awards & Recognition

You’ve worked hard and now you are being recognized for your efforts! When someone wants to give you an award or recognize you at an event, they are going to want a photo. Make sure that photo is well done, and is up to the professional standard of your brand.

8. Press Releases

Is your business or organization kicking off a new program or service? Local news outlets and business organizations often publish the latest business community news, so this is an opportunity to get your face and brand seen. Send them your professional headshot!

9. Chamber of Commerce

Starting and growing a business means being involved and networking in the community. When you join the chamber or a business development network, you want to make sure your photo in the directory looks great. And you just happen to have a professional headshot.

10. Website

Finally, your website is the hub for your personal brand and your business, and people want to know who it is that is behind the scenes. They want to know there is a person there who is ready willing and capable of helping them. This is why you (and your team) need professional headshots that capture the personality of your brand and your professionalism to get the job done.