Event Photography


ISO offers professional event photography in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. We are available to travel Nationwide.

Our event photographer specializes in capturing the emotion, feel and excitement of your conference and event. They are highly skilled at being in the right place at the right time to capture the perfect event photo.


Award Ceremonies

Preserve the highlights of the evening with award recipient photographs. You worked hard for the award, our photographers will get the shot to hang on the wall.

Events and conventions are a fantastic opportunity to photograph more than just the people. There is a ton of value in the details, such as food, branding, partners, as well as candid and fun moments behind the scenes, that makes for great social media content. Our event photography team is highly skilled at finding those moments and preserving them for you to use on your social media and company website.


If you are on stage, off stage, or at a networking mixer, our team has the skills and talent to make group photos happen fast and fun, with spectacular results.


Our Event photography team has over 10 years experience capturing candid moments in a photojournalistic style that brings out the energy and atmosphere of the event.

From large, multi day events to smaller, private networking events, we have you covered. Our photographers are trained specifically to provide exceptional value for your event.

Capture the Essence of Your Corporate Event with JHR Photography

Corporate event photography is a crucial element of any successful business gathering. At JHR Photography, we specialize in capturing the essence of your event, from the dynamic atmosphere and engaging speakers to the lively interactions of your attendees.

Tailored Event Coverage

We work closely with your event planning team to fully understand the type of event, your audience, and the desired outcomes for the photographs. This collaboration allows us to determine the ideal number of photographers required to ensure comprehensive coverage of all the key moments

Multiple Photographers for Large Events

For large conferences with more than 2500 attendees, we highly recommend having multiple photographers. This approach ensures that various speakers and sessions are documented simultaneously, providing a thorough visual record of your event.

Comprehensive Corporate Event Photography

Our corporate event photography services include a wide range of shots, such as group photos, professional headshots, and candid images of attendees networking and interacting. These photos are perfect for use in marketing and promotional materials, helping to extend the impact of your event.

Focused Coverage for Smaller Gatherings

For smaller events like team-building retreats, typically one or two photographers are sufficient. The exact number depends on the event schedule and the number of simultaneous activities. Often, one photographer captures candid moments while another manages a headshot station, allowing employees to update their professional portraits.

Expert Lighting Solutions

Many corporate event venues have challenging lighting conditions. Our team is proficient in using artificial lighting to produce high-quality images, ensuring your event is beautifully documented regardless of the venue’s lighting.

Why Choose JHR Photography?

Professional Expertise

Our photographers have extensive experience in capturing the unique atmosphere of corporate events.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your event, ensuring
no important detail is missed.

Professional Expertise

Our photographers have extensive experience in capturing the unique atmosphere of corporate events.

Trust JHR Photography to document your Nashville event with professionalism and creativity, delivering images that truly reflect the success and spirit of your occasion.

Corporate events we photograph

Here are the types of corporate events we can photograph for you:


Trade Shows

Product Launch

Grand Openings

Annual Meetings

Corporate Traning

Company Retreats


Award Ceremonies

Holiday Parties

Board Meetings

Ground Breaking Ceremonies

Attention to Detail makes great Event Photography

At JHR Photography, we focus on capturing every detail with precision and artistry. Our approach includes:

  • Clean Colors and Natural Expressions: We emphasize vibrant yet natural colors and genuine facial expressions to ensure your photos authentically represent the moment.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: We capture both close-up and wide-angle shots to include all the important aspects of your event, from individual emotions to the overall atmosphere.
  • Subtle Flash Photography: While we use flash photography for most events, our technique ensures that the photos retain the natural feel of the environment, avoiding the harsh or “flashy” look often associated with strong flash use.

Elevate Your Social Media with JHR Event Photography

Instant Social Media Ready Photos

Take your social media accounts to the next level with same-day professional photographs from your event or conference. At JHR Event Photography, our team can download, edit and transfer images directly to a share folder where you can post them to your social media accounts. This is near real time and allows for continuous updating images throughout the day, keeping your online audience engaged and your attendees excited to repost and share.

Professional Highlight Videos

In addition to same-day photos, we offer professionally produced highlight videos. These can be created daily or as an overview of the entire event, providing a dynamic and engaging recap for your audience.  Here’s an example from a recent leadership conference in Florida

If you are hosting an event in Nashville, you can trust JHR Event Photography to enhance your social media presence with high-quality, timely content that showcases the best moments of your event.

If you are hosting an event in Nashville, you can trust JHR Event Photography to enhance your social media presence with high-quality, timely content that showcases the best moments of your event.

Maximize the Impact of Your Event Photos with JHR Event Photography

Professional event photos are incredibly valuable to company events and attendees. Here are some ways you can use your Event Photographs to benefit your organization:

  • Marketing Materials: Enhance your promotional content with high-quality images that capture the essence of your event, making your marketing materials more engaging and visually appealing.
  • Social Media and Website: Share captivating event highlights on your social media platforms and company website to engage your audience and keep them informed and excited.
  • Event Records and Memories: Provide attendees with a visual record of the event, offering them lasting memories and a way to revisit the experience.
  • Publications and Media Outreach: Utilize event photos in various publications to boost visibility and generate interest in your event or conference. This can significantly increase awareness and attract more attendees in the future.

By leveraging professional event photography from JHR Event Photography, you can effectively promote your events, enhance your brand’s presence, and create lasting impressions.

How many images are delivered for event photography?

The number of images delivered during the event depend on a couple details:

  • How many days of event coverage is needed and the number of  hours of event coverage?
  • How many photographers are needed to cover the event?

Our goal is to provide you with 50 to 100 photos per hour of coverage. This gives you a wide variety of only the best images to showcase your event.

Enhancing Your Corporate Event Photos

Post-processing is a key to getting great corporate event photos. After your event, our team selects the best images and meticulously edits and retouches the photographs to ensure they are of the highest quality. This process includes color correction, cropping, and various adjustments to enhance the visual appeal and accurately represent the event.

Our Commitment to Quality

  • True-to-Life Colors: We ensure that the colors in your photos are vibrant and true to life, providing an accurate depiction of the event.
  • Sharp Focus: We only select images that are sharp and clear, ensuring that every detail is captured beautifully.
  • High-Quality Adjustments: Our expert editing process addresses any imperfections, such as sub-par lighting conditions, strong color casts, high contrast, and unpleasant lighting patterns. This ensures that your photos look stunning, even if the lighting at the event was less than ideal.

Discreet Flash Use

When using flashes during events, we ensure the light is subtle and does not distract from the atmosphere or activity. Our goal is to capture the essence of the event without the flash being too noticeable.

Versatile Usage

High-quality post-processing ensures that your event photos look fantastic across various platforms, from marketing materials to social media, company websites, and publications. By delivering professionally edited images, we help you make the most of your event photographs, enhancing your brand’s visual presence and impact.

Our goal at JHR Photography is to provide expertly edited and retouched images that showcase your corporate event in the best possible light.

Comprehensive Conference Coverage

Conference event photography is essential for documenting every aspect of your conference. At JHR Photography, we capture it all—from the bustling exhibit floor and dynamic speakers to the exciting events and parties.

Pre-Event Coordination

We collaborate closely with event organizers ahead of time to ensure we have a detailed timeline of all activities. This includes understanding the specific branding photos you need, the list of speakers, and the events and parties requiring photography coverage. We know how busy conference planners and event coordinators get, so our goal is to make your photo experience smooth and easy while guaranteeing that no important moment is missed.

Introducing the JHR Headshot Experience

Want to take your conference experience to the next level? Then you need the JHR Headshot Experience! The JHR Headshot Experience is a dedicated lounge where attendees can receive professional headshots on the spot. This service not only adds value to your event but also provides attendees with high-quality headshots they can use immediately.

Why Choose JHR Photography for Your Conference?

Detailed Planning

We work with you to understand your needs and ensure thorough coverage of all conference aspects.

Professional Headshots

Our headshot experience offers attendees immediate access to professional portraits, adding an extra layer of engagement to your event.

Expert Photography

Our team captures high-quality images that reflect the energy and success of your conference.

The JHR Event Photography team delivers exceptional value by documenting and enhancing your event, providing lasting memories and valuable marketing assets.


Business Headshots

Business headshots are essential for conveying the professional image that sets you apart in your industry while creating a memorable personal brand. Our expert photographers at JHR Photography ensure that your headshot reflects your unique personality and professional ambition.


Corporate Headshots

Elevate your company’s team photos with headshots that showcase your brand and style. Make a lasting impression on linkedin and with colleagues. JHR Photography provides high-quality, polished images that enhance your corporate presence.

Headshot Booth

Differentiate your conference presence with our JHR Headshot Experience. We offer a flat rate nationwide, eliminating the hassle of travel expenses. Provide your attendees with instant, professional headshots that enhance their personal brand.

Video Coverage

Take your event engagement to the next level with video coverage. Our event highlight videos and reels receive 10X the coverage of photos. Plus, your video is evergreen content for your website and online presence. Enhance your event’s impact with JHR Video Services

a group of girls wearing black dresses adorned with gold sequins, posing together

Photo Booth

Add an extra element of fun to your next conference with our photo booth. Our selfie station lets attendees create custom-branded photos, delivered directly to their phones and ready to share online immediately, boosting your event’s social media presence.