Nashville Corporate & team Headshots

NASHVILLE Corporate & Team Headshots

We make sure your team stands out from the crowd, with show stopping headshots.

JHR Photography provide the best corporate and team Headshots in Nashville

When you hire JHR Photography for your Nashville corporate and team headshots, we ensure every individual looks their best. Our expert photographers coach each person to bring out their most photogenic side, making the process smooth and comfortable. We guide each person to achieve the best expression, pose, and overall look, even in busy, on-location settings. We understand that being photographed can be awkward, so our friendly, efficient approach helps everyone feel at ease and confident. With years of experience and extensive training, we’ve developed a system to quickly and effectively determine the best look for each individual. Our professional photographers use the latest techniques and equipment to deliver high-quality, polished images.

Our services include corporate headshots ideal for company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and marketing materials; team headshots showcasing the unity and professionalism of your team and executive portraits highlighting the leadership and visionaries of your organization.

Our process starts with a consultation to discuss your specific needs, style preferences, and schedule. We then plan the session to fit seamlessly into your day, including location setup and timing. During the photo session, our experienced team ensures a comfortable and efficient session, guiding each person for the best results. After the session, each photo selected is meticulously edited to enhance quality while maintaining a natural true to yourself look. Once complete you will receive your high-resolution images digitally, ready for immediate use.

Our studio is based in Clarksville , but we primarily photograph team headshots on location in your offices. We are in Nashville multiple times per week.  Whether your business is located in downtown Nashville or the surrounding areas, you can rest assured you’re getting the best corporate headshot photographers in the region. While our most popular group headshots are for lawyers, real estate agents, and doctors, we have extensive experience creating team photos for companies across various industries.

Elevate your corporate image with professional headshots from JHR Photography. Contact us today to schedule your session and let us help you make a lasting impression.

Company Headshots in Nashville & Clarksville

Team Headshots

Everyone knows that People are the most valuable asset a company has. Maintaining consistent brand image with a strong and positive representation of the people who make you successful provides a sense of belonging and unity in a company.

Show your clients and your employees how proud you are of them. Let them know they are the best team in the industry, High-end professional headshots will help attract other successful clients and employees to your company.


Office HEadshots

If your team has grown to more than five people and you need headshots, we will bring JHR Studio to you! We know how challenging it is to pause work to take photos or make a road trip to a studio. That is why we come to you.

It takes around 45 minutes to set up and get ready, and we will need about a 15×15 space to do things right.  But once we are ready, you will have the convenience of our full professional studio right there in your office!


We make it Simple

Our whole mission is to make things as easy and stress free as possible for you. Getting in front of the camera can be stressful enough. That is why our booking, contract, and payment is all done online and at your finger tips.

Once your photo day is complete, you will receive the photos within two weeks. If you need the photos faster, please let us know, and we will put a rush on it. We cant wait to make you look amazing.


Large Groups & Conventions

JHR Photography is able to travel nationwide to give you the absolute best headshot experience possible. We know time away for headshot updates and photo opportunities is a costly proposition. That is why we come to you. So if you need to get your team’s photos updated and on brand, we are here to help.

Over the years we have developed the JHR Headshot Experience to be a fast and stress free experience for you and your management team. We work with you to find a time and location to get the photos taken care of with little to no interruption to your work day. If you have a large number of employees who need photographed, we have multiple professional photographers with fast efficient stations to get the best looking shot possible in the shortest amount of time. 


Here is how it works

  • SETUP – The JHR Headshot Experience is a portable professional studio that can be ready to go in your office space within 30 minutes! All we need is approximately 15’x15′ of open space to set up cameras, computers, lights, and prep area.
  • SPACE – We recommend selecting an area that is away from work areas, quiet, and a bit more relaxing environment. This helps people calm down, and settle in to the headshot experience with our professional photographers and image coaches. An area with no tables, chairs, clutter, and traffic is ideal. We want to connect with and engage the person being photographed. Plus, when there is an audience people become self conscious…and that is the last thing you want for a photo.
  • FACIAL COACHING – We have years of experience as image coaches. Making genuine connections, engaging with humor, and facilitating a relaxed environment is sure to bring out the best in each person.
  • PHOTO SELECTION – Depending on how you set up your Headshot Experience, you can have employees select their favorite headshot live on location while we are photographing, or you can do it at a later time. This makes the process much faster and delivery of the right images smoother. The Selection process takes from 5-15 minutes per person.
  • RETOUCHING – Once all the selections are complete, we send all of the images thorugh our custom retouching and enhancement service. This ensures a cohesive and consistent look for all the photos. Additional advanced retouching is also available.
  • DELIVERY – Final images are delivered directly to you  within two weeks. We can deliver in any resolution that is needed. Standard headshot experience delivery is a full resolucion 2×3 format and a 1×1 square format that is perfect for LinkedIn.


(it was a cyber security trade show…we respect your privacy)

If you are hosting a trade show or convention, the JHR Headshot Experience has you covered. If you want to learn more about adding value to your next annual meeting, training conference, or trade show, click the button below we’d be happy to help out!


If your company is growing as fast as we are then you likely need to get your new people photographed soon. We have multiple options for you to get your team photographed. You can alway send your new hires to our studio here in Clarksville, or if you would prefer, we can come to you.

Our goal is to great the same look and feel for the entire company, keeping a consistent high quality branded image for you to use on the company website, LinkedIn, or social Media.  If you would like to schedule a session, click the button below.


Why Choose JHR Photography?

Professional Expertise

Our photographers have extensive experience in capturing the best photos or corporate teams and leaders.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our services to meet your needs, making employee headshots fun and not a hassell.

Exceptional Quality

We like to think of ourselves as partners in keeping your brand image and presentation strong

OUR other Services

Headshot Happy Hour by JHR Photography in partnership with Cushman-Wakefield hosted at STK in Nashville

Business Headshots

Business headshots are essential for conveying the professional image that sets you apart in your industry while creating a memorable personal brand. Our expert photographers at JHR Photography ensure that your headshot reflects your unique personality and professional ambition.


Corporate Headshots

Elevate your company’s team photos with headshots that showcase your brand and style. Make a lasting impression on linkedin and with colleagues. JHR Photography provides high-quality, polished images that enhance your corporate presence.


Expo & Conventions

Differentiate your conference presence with our JHR Headshot Experience. We offer a flat rate nationwide, eliminating the hassle of travel expenses. Provide your attendees with instant, professional headshots that enhance their personal brand.

Image ASF_CHF_27APR24_1536

Video Project

Take your event engagement to the next level with video coverage. Our event highlight videos and reels receive 10X the coverage of photos. Plus, your video is evergreen content for your website and online presence. Enhance your event’s impact with JHR Video Services


Photo Booth

Add an extra element of fun to your next conference with our photo booth. Our selfie station lets attendees create custom-branded photos, delivered directly to their phones and ready to share online immediately, boosting your event’s social media presence.

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Senior Portraits

This is a One-of-a-Kind photo experience that you will never forget. Our team takes care of every detail, from hair and make up to outfit selection, and exclusive locations in Nashville. These are the moments you will never forget.