Conference & Trade Show HEADSHOT EXPERIENCE

Stand Out at Conferences with a Headshot Booth

Enhance your conference booth with professional headshots that draw attention, drive traffic, and generate leads. Whether you’re showcasing at a convention center in Las Vegas or anywhere else nationwide, JHR Photography can elevate your brand presence.

Offering professional headshots at your booth sets you apart, sparking conversations and leaving a lasting impression on attendees. Our expert team ensures your booth becomes the talk of the conference, delivering the best return on investment for your event.

Make your booth more inviting by providing trade show headshots. With a constant flow of attendees waiting in line, it’s the perfect opportunity to engage in natural conversations.

As specialists in headshot expo events, we offer onsite photo selection, integrated lead capture, and a branded viewing gallery to maximize your booth’s impact. Let us help you make a lasting impression at your next conference!



$4,800 / 1 Day

$8,900 / 2 Days

$12,500 / 3 Days


  • One Photographer
  • One Backdrop
  • Integrated Lead Capture
  • Instant Sharing of Headshots
  • Branded Viewing Gallery & Communication
  • Handles Up to 30+ People per Hour



$8,000 / 1 Day

$15,500 / 2 Day

$21,500 / 3 Days


  • Two Photographers
  • Two Backdrops with Same or Different Looks
  • Integrated Lead Capture
  • Instant Sharing of Headshots
  • Branded Viewing Gallery & Communication
  • Handles Up to 60+ People per Hour

Why Choose JHR Photography?

Our professional headshot photo booth offers a flat rate per day, ensuring transparent pricing and significant savings for multi-day conferences nationwide. We even offer a 10% discount for Southern California conferences.

Our comprehensive packages cover everything from our team’s expertise to travel and accommodation, ensuring your booth stands out at any event!


Expertise & Quality

Our team excels at putting people at ease quickly, providing facial coaching, capturing high-quality headshots efficiently, and ensuring everyone looks their best while having fun. We offer a flat rate nationwide, with all travel and accommodation fees included.

Professional Results

Our headshots match the quality of those taken in our studio. We set up our professional portrait booth in about 2 hours, complete with computers, private internet, network, camera, lighting, backdrops, kiosks, and more. The results are eye-catching and attract a crowd from start to finish. We also offer professional retouches to ensure attendees receive a headshot they love.


Lead Capture

Our headshot booth is designed to capture the contact information of everyone photographed, making it a powerful tool for generating leads. This creates a positive first impression and engages an audience more likely to interact with your brand.

Branded Communication

Each attendee can instantly share their headshots via branded kiosks and email communications featuring your company information. The online gallery is also branded, making it easy for attendees to share their headshots on social media, expanding your marketing efforts organically.

Positive Impression

Our photographers know how to make attendees feel comfortable and photogenic, capturing professional headshots that attendees love. Our signature lighting and high-end gear create a clean, professional look suitable for all industries.

What People Are Saying

Discover the impact of our professional headshot booth through the words of conference attendees:

“This is fantastic! I’m thrilled the conference offered this service.” “Wow! These photos exceed my expectations!” “This setup is amazing! Fast and effortless.” “I love my headshots! Back for another round today!”