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This was such a blast to shoot!  I’ve had an idea for a senior portrait rockabilly style session for a while, it was just a matter of getting it all together.  Luckily for me, this was right up Robbie’s alley!  We didn’t have too much time to put the shoot together, but with the help of a few friends (thanks to Larry at Clarksville Elite Gymnastics for putting me in touch with Steve at Binkley’s Automotive who let us use his gorgeous Olds 442 W30 for the shoot!  I could write a whole post just about that car!  Then we got together with Diane at The Red Bird Salon to get Robbie’s hair and make up perfect – blew me away!  I sent a few sample ideas for a look i wanted and they nailed it!  Not to be outdone – Melissa and Robbie put together the wardrobe, which pulled it all together.

I originally had a local motor hotel picked out for the shoot, the kind of nostalgic roadside hotel that deserves a classic muscle car and rocker beauty – but the weather this time of year just didn’t cooperate.  So you have to have a plan B…a garage and a stormy sky, I couldn’t have planned that better!  I also owe a special thanks to my assista-kid – Jessy, who is going to be quite the photographers assistant over the next year or so.

To finish off the shoot, we went to Crossfit Conversion, our local box where my family and Robbie’s family spends a lot of time.  If you think this girl is impressive in her academics (dual enrolled in HS and college) you should see her in the gym!  She’s been a gymnast since i first met her, and if you cant tell she knows her way around the weights and barbells too!

What really made this shoot special is that Robbie is the daughter of a Green Beret, who I had the honor to serve with.  My favorite photo in this series is Robbie with her dad’s dog-tags.  As a member of the Legion, our motto is Strength and Honor – and it is my honor to know this family and the strength they display everyday!  I know her dad would be proud of the woman he raised.  Congratulations Robbie!