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Your professional Headshot is your brand. Potential employers only need one-tenth of a second to make their first impression of you, and research shows that first impression are not easily changed.  (How Many Seconds to a First Impression). A professional headshot is the best way to leave a positive first impression that will make the difference between a promotion or being passed up, a dream job or the unemployment line, a first date or another night at home playing Fortnight!

Recently, the professional headshot became an online calling card, it is more than a picture of you, it represents your brand. Universities and employers alike form first impressions based on what they see online. No matter how cool you think your latest selfie is, a potential employer likely won’t think the same thing. That is why I put together a few tips to so that you can get the most out of your professional headshot.

How often should I update my professional headshot

How often should I update my Headshot?

First, you should update your headshot at least once per year, and more often if you make major changes to your look, start a new job, or begin a new phase of your life.  For a potential employer, your headshot is a snapshot of who you are right now and people want to see you.

Want to test the theory? Tomorrow post a new profile photo of yourself (not your pet or your coffee) and see how many likes you receive on Facebook. More than likely your new photo will receive the most likes out of any picture you posted this month!

What style of Headshot, JHR Photography, Nashville, Clarksville

What style of headshot should you get?

After you decide to update your headshot, you need to choose a style that represents your brand. I recommend a clean and simple approach. This may sound boring but it’s not, it is effective. People want to see you, not the scenery. By using a simple white, black, or plain background you and your personality will stand out.

This is where a skilled professional photographer will be able to pull out your personality and pose you to get genuine expressions and approachability.

How to look good for your Professional Headshot, JHR Photography, Nashville, Clarksville

How to look good for your headshot?

Trust me, I get it! We are our own worst critics when it comes to photos of ourselves.  Even when other people tell us differently, we tend not to believe them. A while back, a friend of mine and headshot master, Peter Hurley, told me about PAS – Picture Avoidance Syndrome. PAS happens when people are so critical of their photos that they avoid getting in front of the camera at all cost (unless there is a cool dog nosed Snapchat filter!).

In the end, we look our best when we are relaxed and having fun.  For that reason, I make it my goal to have fun in every headshot session. Ideally, you will have a variety of expressions to choose from in your session, one with a natural laugh, an easy smile, and a sincere approachable expression.  Getting a natural reaction happens when you connect with your photographer.

What do I wear for my Professional Headshot, JHR Photography, Nashville, Clarksville

What do I wear for my Headshot?

Remember your headshot is all about you, who you are, and the image of your personal brand.  It is not about the jewelry, tie, or snazzy shoes, save that for your IG storyThe best bet is to keep it professional, allow the focus to be on your eyes and expression. When a potential employer or the dean of admission has only a moment to form an opinion of you, you want the opinion to be about you and not the latest trend.

For the gentlemen, I recommend a simple shirt with a sports jacket, and if polka-dot bow ties are your thing, throw that on after you get the safe shots.  Ladies, subtlety goes a long way with understated jewelry with a classic blouse and blazer is perfect for the resume look. Mix it up a little bit after that for an edgier profile photo you will love.

Are Professional Headshots required for a resume, JHR Photography, Nashville, Clarksville

Are headshots required for a resume?

It may not be an international law, but it is a global expectation. Employers and institutions are as technically savvy as the kids these days, they do their homework and they research candidates online. Most likely they will form their first opinion of you before they ever meet you in person.

These days, you can almost guarantee that a photo of you will show up in Google if I searched your name. What is it you want people to see? What is it you want your photo to say?  For this very reason, LinkedIn, one of the largest networking and recruiting sites in the world, says that a quality professional headshot in your profile is a must-have!

How much do Professional Headshots cost, JHR Photography, Nashville, Clarksville

How much does a professional headshot cost?

Finally, the real question, “How much do headshots cost?” And, as you expected, the answer is, “It depends”. If you go to a part-time photographer with a little experience, they may only charge you $100 and give you a disk full of images, leaving you to figure out which image is best.

By comparison, a professional photographer will likely start around $200 and will include the value of their expertise at selecting the perfect photo for your Headshot. Going forward, remember that when it comes to photographers you will get what you pay for.

In order to give my clients the best images possible, my professional headshot services include hair and makeup for the ladies, a barber for the gentlemen. Additionally, complete image retouching of the final selections is included. Providing this level of service guarantees that your headshots will leave the type of positive impression that you need.

A selfie is not a Headshot! Can your personal brand afford a bad first impression?

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