Five Tips to pick the Perfect Senior Photographer

Mar 17, 2022

How do you know you have the the right senior photographer for you?

It seems everyone with a camera is a “photographer” these days, but does that make them a good photographer? Or let alone the right photographer for you?  This is your last year of high school, this is your story, and you only get one chance to do it…so how do you choose who will tell your story?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  I put together five of the most important things to consider when choosing the perfect senior photographer to Tell Your Story.

1. Oh the places you will go!

Nobody wants their senior pictures to look like anyone else’s. The locations and backdrop for your pictures say as much about you as your personality, and the clothes you wear.  You want a photographer who sees you, and shares your vision. A great senior photographer know the perfect locations to bring out your style and personality. There are so many creative places to make photographs that most senior photographers never think of. When you look through a photographers website, see if you recognize the locations…the same locations. Finding your place on the planet that is uniquely yours is key to telling your story.

2. Art Work & Products

Photographs are not taken, they are made. A professional photographer knows where he wants to hang your photograph before the camera clicks. He can visualize you and your friends 10 years from now holding an album of photos that tell a story about who you were and who you were becoming. It is my personal belief that a photograph isn’t complete until it is viewed and loved by others – in other words it has to be printed. Don’t worry there is a place for digital images and social media sharing, but when was the last time a photo on a phone made you stop and say “WOW!” There really is nothing better than walking in a room and seeing an image displayed on the wall, or the feel of a leather bound album of all your cherished memories. And as your life evolves and grows and you have a family of your own, the value of the printed images from your youth will become treasured possessions.

3. Working with a Team

The number one stress for High School Seniors when it comes to pictures is, you guessed it, what to wear! Right after that is, how should i do my hair and makeup? We take away that stress for you, we have a team of stylists and hair and makeup artists who are professionals at their own craft. Another key part of the team is you! From day one you are involved in selecting the perfect style and mood for your photoshoot, because after all this is about you – our team is there to bring out and enhance your style and beauty, and to make this as much fun for you (and your parents) as possible!

4. Editing and Retouching

I will just say it, an experienced and professional photographer does not use filters.  Professionals invest time and education to learn how to retouch images, how to enhance and reveal the beauty and style that is captured in the camera. This process starts before the photo is even taken. They know how to balance light and color to show off natural skin tone, and do smooth images to that plastic look that you see on social media. Editing and retouching is part of the artistic process of telling your authentic story.

5. Ask Around

Last, the best way to know if a photographer is the right one for you is to ask your friends who have have worked with them before. Social media makes it easy to reach out and ask questions, and a solid photographer will encourage you to do so. We check google and yelp before trying a new restaurant, it makes sense you would ask about your senior photographer.  Also, have your parents ask their parents.  The experience for the student may be a different one than the experience of the parents, so its good to get an all-around feel for how the photographer works, what they are like, how smooth the process was, and how quickly products were delivered. Because as a photographer, when things are not a good fit, it shows in the images, and my whole goal is to make amazing photographs for you to love and share.

Your senior photographs are more than just pictures, they are part of a once in a life time experience and an opportunity to Tell your Story. Finding the perfect photographer for you can make all the difference.  If you have any questions or want to learn more about JHR Photography click HERE! I cant wait to tell your story!

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