No Makeup Makeup for Senior Photos

Tips for a Fresh and Natural Glowing Look

September 2017

One of the looks that I’m really enjoying in Senior Photos this year, besides the retro and boho trends, is the natural glowing no-makeup makeup.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a child of the 80’s I love me some glam, but if you can get that soft dewy skin and keep your freckles, who needs makeup!  Well,  uhhh, apparently there is a decent amount of makeup that goes into that look – who knew!  I’m a dad, I sure didn’t know “no-makeup” makeup means using just the right amount of makeup to keep you looking natural and fresh.  So I guess we all get to learn something today.

To help you get camera ready with a natural and glowing look, I asked some makeup guru’s for their go-to makeup videos and tutorials.  Check out these videos for the best tips, tricks, and advice to get that perfect “No-Makeup – Makeup” look. After the videos be sure to check out Allyson Roe’s blog.  She is a fantastic makeup artist in Clarksville, TN, and she has a ton of information for you on skin care, makeup, and styling the latest trends.

Chloe Morello

With over 2 Million subscribers, it’s safe to say you can trust Chloe with her makeup advice!  Check out her channel here for more tips and styles:  CHLOE MORELLO


Lisa Eldridge

She is a mother and renowned professional make up artist working with many of the worlds top A-list celebrities, models, magazines and brands, she only features products she likes or uses in her videos.  You can see more of her tutorials and inspiration here: LISA ELDRIDGE


Melissa Alatorre

Melissa is based a Professional Makeup Artist based in Los Angeles and has become a well known youtube influencer.  Check out her other videos and tutorials here:  MELISSA ALATORRE


Kelsey Simone

She’s only 18 and already making waves as a fashion and style youtuber with 1.2Million subscribers.  Check out her weekly video feed for everything from makeup tips to wardrobe recommendations.  KELSEY SIMONE


So once again don’t take your advice from me – listen to the pros!  There are some great tips in these videos that you can use everyday.  I would love to see who you follow and get recommendations from too – so if you want DM me your go-to youtube style bloggers and I’ll feature them here.

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