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It’s no secret that success can be made on a first impression, so you have to make your headshot count, your professional headshot is your brand.  It only takes a potential employer a tenth of a second to make their first impression of you. Plus research shows that first impressions are not easily changed, so you have to make it count. A professional headshot can be the difference between a promotion or being passed up, a dream job or the unemployment line, a first date, or another night at home playing Fortnight!

Beyond the first impression, your headshot is an online calling card. The image you put out there represents your brand. Recruiters are all ready looking at your LinkedIn profile before they even talk to you. What photo do they see there? A selfie will never cut it. So, I put together a few tips to help you succeed by getting the most out of your professional headshot session.

If you are not sure on how to use your headshot for success, here is an article I wrote on 10-ways to use your Professional Headshot.

What to Expect at your Session

Headshot sessions are a lot of fun! This is your opportunity to showcase your personality, confidence, and approachability. The session should last about an hour and capture plenty of photos. We will have plenty of time for two to three looks with different expressions. At the end of the session we will review your photos together and select the images you love and will love to share.

Three Must-Do’s Before your Headshot Session


You already know this, but get a good night sleep before the session and drink plenty of water.

This is going to help your skin look amazing and make you feel 100% better on the day of your session.

Hang it up

Once you pick your outfits, steam the wrinkles out and put them on a hanger. We have a steamer here for last minute touchups.

You want to make sure your outfits are camera ready when you arrive.

Professional Headshot by JHR Photography Military Transitioning Soldier Veteran


My goal is to create images you love and communicate that you are the best at what you do.

Tell me what you love, like, dislike as we go along, and that will guarantee we get fantastic results.

Headshot Behind the Scenes JHR Photography Clarksville Nashville



What Should I Wear?

This is the number one question I get asked. Whether this is a first headshot or you’re updating your LinkedIn profile for a new opportunity, finding the right outfit for a flattering photo is key. Apart from a goodnight’s sleep, and stying hydrated, and preparing your outfit before hand will help make your shoot stress free.

Hair Styles

Right after what to wear comes; how should I do my hair? We recommend working with professional hair and makeup artists to ensure the best results on camera. We want you to look like you, so we definitely don’t recommend a new do, just some styling and color to bring out your natural beauty.

For the Guys

  • Stick to neutral colors. Neutrals are appealing and classy
  • The right Shirt – You want a structured dress shirt or crew neck to for a corporate look, where a v-neck or T-shirt may look trendy
  • Add a Jacket – A blazer dresses up the look, and gives you some style – try it with a T-shirt for a more hip look
  • Accessories – Watches, glasses, and hats can all be worn, but we still recommend subtle accents.
Professional Business Portrait Headshot for Realtor by JHR Photography


When selecting a top, the neckline is something to consider. There are dozens to choose from. Scoop, v-neck, cowl, high neck, square, halter, and more. Select a style that you are comfortable with and suits your body shape.

For example, a scoop neck will help enhance shape and still provide coverage for lager busts.

Some favorites are button-ups with collars, fitted crewnecks, long-sleeve scoops, lightweight knits, or camisole style for modeling and branding headshots

Professional Business Portrait Headshot for Realtor by JHR Photography


If you need a more formal look, a collared shirt paired with the blazer will do the trick.

ProTip: A tailored cut suite or jacket is worth it! You don’t want it to bunch up or look oversized.

Professional Business Portrait Headshot for Realtor by JHR Photography


What will the background be? You want to have some contrast. Corporate photos are often on blue, black, or grey so choose a lighter color. If it is a white background, choose a bit darker to add contrast.

Neutral Colors: You really can’t go wrong with black, white, brown, beige, taupe, or cream. These are classics and pair well.

Pops of Color: A color splash can add personality and style. Be purposeful in your choice and try to select one that goes with your complexion or other wardrobe selections.



Subtlety makes a statement and still allows you to showcase your personality. Necklaces and earrings ad some shape and color without being distracting.

ProTip: Avoid long necklaces as they will likely be cropped in the final edit and may look awkward.


If it’s your style definitely wear the hat. It shows creativity and artistic flare. You just want to tip the hat up slightly to keep the shadows out of your eyes.


If you wear them everyday, then yes, wear them. If you want extra personality, bring them.

ProTip: If you are wearing a hat, style your hair and take photos without it first. Then add in the hat to give multiple looks



They may be fun, but you don’t want to distract from the most important part – your face! We recommend sticking to solid colors.

Unflattering Colors

Color matters, so knowing what colors pair well with your skin tone, eyes, and hair is important.

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