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Jul 11, 2018Blog, Boutique, Fashion, Travel

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for days? Thats what this gypsy boho photoshoot concept was for me. I’ve been toying with a boho or gypsy theme photoshoot since I arrived in Florida. Florida just has that kind of vibe to me, and often times songs are the source of my inspiration. I must have been listening to a lot fo Fleetwood Mac – I tend to associate Stevie Nicks with this style too.  Luckily for me I met Meaghan – who I’m pretty sure was made for the gypsy life.  Over a couple weeks we put together a look and a location that captured both her personality and the modern gypsy style I envisioned.

A Gypsy Boho Photoshoot


With a Pinterest board full of ideas, Meaghan found Earthbound Trading Co. and gathered the wardrobe and accessories. The best part about the theme is this wasn’t even like dressing up for her, this style fits her personality and spirit perfect.

So we set off early on a Sunday morning to a fantastic nature preserve outside of Saint Petersburg Florida – Honeymoon Island.

If you are looking for a really cool spot for family or senior photos this area is beautiful.  However it does come with some considerations – the park is very popular, so it gets busy early.  We were there right when it opened and by 10am the parking lot was packed and the line of cars coming into the park was a 1/4 mile backed up on the causeway. It also costs a couple bucks to get in, but thats not a big deal.

What was a big deal – the prehistoric sized mosquitos that decided the photographer was on the menu! I had to take Benadryl and a freezing shower at the end of the day to get the swelling and itching to stop! But I digress – we captured some fantastic images!

What impressed me most is how dedicated and flow-with Meaghan was. It was hot! Africa hot! And she was all about getting the photo, which made it so much more fun for me.  Also, due to a lack of planning on my part, she walked over 2 miles in the mosquito infested jungle of Florida to get a few of these photos.  Not a single complaint. We did sit in the car air-conditioning for a little bit afterwards however.

But all together, because we had such a good idea of what images we wanted we were able to go out and get them, and the end result captures Meaghan so well. If you ever meet her, I think these photos will tell you a lot about her personality and spirit.

So my learning points from this adventure:

  • Scout the location – don’t surprise the model with a 2.5 mile trek in the jungle
  • Bring bug spray! – I have since added OFF to my model-emergency kit
  • Hydrate – Guess who didn’t bring water either…this guy
  • Collaborate! – We had a plan – mood board – and we executed the plan


This was a really fun concept to photograph, and a look i definitely want to do more of. Finding the right boutique for the wardrobe and a model with the perfect personality and look pulled this whole experience together.

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