Do you remember the feeling of holding a photo album and turning the pages? Looking back at pictures of your siblings, cousins, parents, and grandparents, and probably laughing at the hairstyles while telling silly stories about your childhood. That is the gift and power of family portraits. These are the memories you want to share for generations. Schedule a family portrait session with JHR Photography today.

Sessions start at $299

Start with the end in mind…

First things first, have you decided where you want to hang your beautiful new family portraits? For this reason, we start with the end in mind. Jayson works with you to craft how and where in your home your portraits will live. Then, after we adorn your walls, we help you tell your family story in a keepsake album that everyone will love for generations.

Maybe your family tradition is just getting started. We have a selection of elegant collections that you can add to over the years. Does your living room have a unique space that would be perfect for an iconic image?  We will create that vision with you. Like most people, you have likely collected various images over the years that are ready to be re-imagined in a modern display alongside your recently commissioned family portraits.  JHR Photography can make that happen.

Limited wall space or a planned move should not stop you from creating a custom designed heirloom album that tells your family story. Perfect for capturing this season in your family’s life.  Your needs and priorities that will guide our one on one consultation.

Let’s have coffee…

Once you set a consultation time, the JHR experience starts with an in-person consultation. I want to get to know your family, their personalities, their quirks, what makes them who they are. I’m sure your family has an achiever, a clown, and a rebel. Which one takes after you? Knowing the family dynamic helps me capture their genuine personalities in the moment.

While enjoying your favorite coffee, I will answer all your questions and concerns. For example, I know you want to know what type of clothing photographs best, right? At the conclusion of our consultation, you will have a full understanding of your investment and where in your home you will display your portraits. Plus, I will answer any other question you have, such as, “Should I bring the family pet?”  Of course, you should, they are part of the family!

On the Set…

Think back to your last family portrait experience. You may recall that there is a little bit of stress on photoshoot day.  But don’t worry, just because Dad isn’t feeling up to  “blue steel” and the kids are grouchy and hungry, JHR Photography has you covered!

In case you haven’t heard, I’m the Dad of six kids (you heard that right). It is likely I’ve seen it all and then some!  One thing I know for certain is that kids are full of surprises, so whatever comes our way we will consider it all a joy! All I ask is that if you can get them dressed an on location, and I will take care of the rest!

Reveal and order session…

Congratulations! You survived the photoshoot! The next step is the hardest part. You have to choose which images you love most. Approximately two weeks after your session we will meet again for the big reveal and order session (this session will be scheduled at the time of booking).  Your reveal session is where we finalize and place your family portrait order. We will be sure to schedule a time when both husband and wife (or mom an dad) can be there to decide.

In order to help you choose, our state-of-the-art software displays your family portraits on the walls in your home.  Sample layouts are on the same scale as the walls in your home, which solves the issue of what size to buy since you can see it before you order!

I will be there alongside you each step of the way to make sure the goals and vision from our consultation are met (or exceeded!).

We deliver and install your art…

That’s right, you don’t even have to worry about getting everything level. Approximately 4-6 weeks after the order session, your gorgeous family portraits will be delivered and installed in your home. I believe that a photograph isn’t complete until it is viewed and enjoyed by others. Our team will deliver the finished images to your home and complete the installation the same day.

Our installation service keeps you from doing the back and forth dance of, “a little left..” “up a little…no down a little.”  Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you and solve your interior design tug-of-war.

Take a bow…

Finally, you’ve done it! Your home is graced with beautiful new family photos and everyone still likes each other! Now you can proudly display your family story in a luxury photo album on your coffee table, and your social media has gone viral talking about the “WOW” of your images.  You deserve all the credit for making those beautiful children and you get to enjoy seeing your loved ones on the walls of your home every day.  Well done!

Plan for the future…

We couldn’t be more excited that your home is filled with images you love. However, those littles just keep getting bigger! No longer toddlers or tweens, your family is growing. So what about next year or the year after that?

Once again, JHR Photography has you covered! Our portraits and galleries are crafted to adapt to your family as it grows and changes over the years. Moreover, our signature style is designed to capture the viewer’s attention now and in the future.