Fall & Winter Fashion for Senior Photos

Style your Fall/Winter Senior Photoshoot




Don’t know what to wear for your senior photo session? Don’t worry I do! Not really, I’m a dad.  But my daughter definitely knows what’s LIT! (just kidding, i don’t even know what that means). But what I do know is Jenna and I will have you looking amazing for your photoshoot.

Fashion moves so fast, it seems styles change by the day. So here is a snapshot of some items that will get you through 2017, or at least through the fall. Just remember, no matter what you are wearing always be yourself! Wear what makes you, you! That’s who people really want to see.

Are you ready to go shopping?  Check out these looks….(I put the links below the items so you can go shopping with your Dad’s credit card.)



Dress it Up!

There are really so many options here it’s hard to narrow it down. So let’s point out the highlights…Shapely RED…Florals & Prints…Flowing White…And if you want to be fashion forward, play with the textures in crushed velvet.









Tops to Shop!

No surprise, if it falls off the shoulder it’s definitely cool. Show off your tan as long as you can with an open back top. Or for a night on the town make a statement with a bold color.









Perfect Pants

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans…with a few holes and frays, and a maybe some overalls? As long as it stays warm, match that crop top with a form fitting skirt. If your feeling sporty, get some looks with lace up leggings.









Jacket Up!

As it starts cooling off you want a jacket to match your mood.  You can steal your boyfriend’s (ex’s) denim jacket, or stay comfy in a cardigan duster with a retro 70’s flare. But if you want to make a statement cover up in a red-trench or a rich jewel tone moto jacket for some pop.









Belt on your Accessories!

Thats right, belts are in…go wide to show your shape, or narrow with a ring to add a unique touch. While you’re at it throw on a hat, especially if it has a retro flare. If you love jewelry, up-cycle some 90’s shells, cans, and everyday objects for a unique look. If you are heading to the beach, definitely don’t forget your sunnies!









Soles for your Soul!

Really, can you have too many pairs of shoes? That’s what we thought! Fabulous booties are still a must have, so are every-occasion wedges with a little lace up detail (and check them out wiht those jeans!). But for everyday wear be sure to have your classic adidas or chucks ready to roll.









Of course if your Dad won’t give you the credit card, ask your mom! No really, you can put together all of these style in one good thrift shop haul. Grab your bestie and do a tour-de-thrift, you are bound to find what you need to look amazing for your photoshoot.

One last thing. If you don’t find what you are looking by upcycling, check out these local boutiques! We believe in keeping business close to home and encourage you to stop in and see our friends before you Amazon your fashions.  Check out these IG links for great ideas from local stylists:



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