Instant Social Media Ready Photos

Take your social media accounts to the next level with same-day professional photographs from your
event or conference. At JHR Event Photography, our team can download, edit and transfer images
directly to a share folder where you can post them to your social media accounts. This is near real time
and allows for continuous updating images throughout the day, keeping your online audience engaged
and your attendees excited to repost and share.

Professional Highlight Videos

In addition to same-day photos, we offer professionally produced highlight videos. These can be created
daily or as an overview of the entire event, providing a dynamic and engaging recap for your audience.

Here’s an example from a recent leadership conference in Florida

INSERT Sample video from BJ Wholesale

If you are hosting an event in Nashville, you can trust JHR Event Photography to enhance your social
media presence with high-quality, timely content that showcases the best moments of your event.