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Adoption Photography Exclusively for Adoption & Foster Families

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National Adoption Month

First, No-Shave November is not just for growing a super sweet mustache. November is actually National Adoption Month and the perfect opportunity to make a huge difference in a child or a family’s life.   Second, the Bible (and every other religion) calls all believers to go to the orphans and widows and help (James 1:27). It’s not a suggestion its a duty. Because we all know foster and adoption families need all the help we can give them.

Everyone knows someone who was adopted, is trying to adopt or is currently fostering children waiting to be adopted. Clearly, adoption affects all of us, therefore we must get involved.  My family hasn’t adopted yet (we have six of our own still living at home), however, we are a part of some amazing ministries that focus on supporting the families. In the end, our own family is strengthened and encouraged, and my children have a heart for those in need.

Afghan Kid with Stuffed animal for Adoption Family Photography

Consider the experience of adopting an orphan and making them your own. Now imagine if you are the orphan, praying for a home, and it happens, you are adopted. Finally, what impact could you have in your community by supporting the birth mother through their struggles? Simply by getting involved your contribution makes a difference.

Through foster care and adoption family support programs, you share the heart of most vulnerable in our society.  Above all, you show love.


When you share a love for the orphan, the fatherless and the widow, you become a part of their life and success.  Here are some ideas for getting involved today.

  • First, contact your local Foster or Adoption care organization and ask about current needs and volunteer opportunities
  • Every month, donate toys, clothes, and school supplies that are in good condition to a local support organization or church.
  • For the Holidays, make up “Welcome Home” kits for babies and toddlers – include diapers, wipes, sleepwear, a blanket, binky, formula, and bottles.  Often times kids arrive in foster care with no notice and only the clothes and diapers on they are wearing.
  • Learn more and attend a local foster and adoption care information meeting – you will be surprised by how much you can help and support these families.
  • Often your expertise is needed, offer to train or mentor a teen in your career or profession
  • Spread awareness – Currently, there are approximately 100,000 children available for adoption in the US alone. Share what you’ve learned about adoption and how to get involved.

THE 413 Project


One of the projects we have been involved with for a couple of years is The 413 Project. This is a ministry focused on disciplining the church to take up their calling to be Christ in the world. Specifically, the goal is to stand in the gap for the fatherless, the orphan and the widow.


If you want to learn more about The 413 Project and foster care and adoption, I recommend picking up a copy of Brad’s book No Higher Call from Amazon.

Be sure to follow The 413 Project on Facebook and Instagram, or email Brad directly at

Adoption Photography Book Cover for Adoption and Foster Care


If you are in Tennessee here are some useful links to get you engaged in supporting foster and adoption care:








There is an amazing thing that happens when a family is completed by adopting. Capturing that moment, and all the emotion that goes with it is a priceless treasure. If you know a family that will be finalizing their adoption soon, give us a call!  I would love to be there to share the moment and capture images that they will treasure for a lifetime.

If you found this article helpful, I would be honored if you would share it with others.  My goal as a professional photographer is to tell the stories that matter to you by creating art and providing clients with the photography experience you deserve.


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