Michael Locke

Edward’s Steak House, Clarksville TN

January 27, 2017


Browse through the photos and and STAR the photos you would like in an album – this can be as many as you want.  When you hit the submit button at the end, type in the album you want them to go to.  This lets me know what these proofs are for and I can put together the album.  If you would like different albums, or smaller books, you can repeat the process and type in “Granny’s Book”  “Mom’s Book”  etc. or what ever you like.  There is no restriction on the number of albums and books we can make.  I will take the selection and layout the album, and send you a sample of what it will look like before I order it.


If you want to order individual prints, just click the shopping cart next to the print you want to buy, and a shopping cart and check out will come up.


If there is a photo you want enlarged beyond the 11x14 or you want it on canvas, select it as a proof and title the proof submission “CANVAS”  That way I know I need to look at different print options for you.  We can also do magnets, cards, or photo blocks, all those cool little photo gift items, I just need to know which photos you want on those.

Of course if you have any questions give Heather and I a call and we’ll get it set up for you.  Thank you for allowing us to take your photos and making memories in the rain!